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Efekti, joka on omaa luokkaansa. Eri katsojat lukevat samat sanat eri lailla.

The 100th Monkey'n periaattella toimiva turboahdettu mentalismiefekti.

24 efektiä, 3 DVD:tä, 12 postikorttia, 9 kokonaista rutiinia, yli 500 jpg-kuvatiedostoa ja 220 sivuinen e-kirja. Efektejä näyttämölle ja lähitaikuuteen. Useimmat ovat helposti esitettäviä ja täydellisen hämmästyttäviä.

Banachek, Paul Vigil, Jon Armtrong, Ran Pink, Richard Österlind, Lior Manor, Joe Givan ja Max Maven ovat antaneet pelkästään myönteisiä kommentteja tästä tavasta tehdä mentalismia.


Mental Epic
12 different versions featuring classic plots like Let's Make a Movie, Dream Vacation, and Dream Date. But in these versions, there is no need for suspicious-looking boards - the predictions are written on ungimmicked paper or white boards and covered with clearly-labeled cards. Once you place them down, you never touch them again - a spectator handles them after that - the cards switch themselves!

Drawing Duplication
5 different, super-clean versions of this classic mentalist effect. In one, you show them a poster with 44 different objects to draw and they think of any one - and yet you know exactly what they will draw!

Bank Night
You display envelopes clearly labeled 1 through 5 - and yet you can force each of five spectators to choose any envelope you want! An invaluable utility that can be used for many other effects.

The Chair Test
3 separate 100th Monkey gimmicks that can be used in any Chair Test you do now, plus a full show-stopping routine (which solves the sight-line issues with the effect).

After a spectator secretly writes down a first name, you not only name the person they are thinking of, but reveal detailed information about who they are!

Monkeys Ahoy
Based on Luke Jermay's Touching on Hoy, three spectators think of two spices, sports and shapes - and you are able to divine each thought accurately with no questions and nothing written down!

The Celebrity Baby Gag
You show a spectator a poster with dozens of celebrities and they think of any one - and you know exactly which celebrity they are thinking of! Now pre-show or stooges.

Memory Erasure
5 different effects where you take away someone's memory. Create a perfect assassin who has no recollection of the murder he has committed! Wipe away a person's anxiety with a calming spell. There is even a version for the corporate magician in which a spectator misinterprets customer feedback.

Book Tests
This includes effects that make it possible for one spectator to read another's mind by seeing a word in a word-find puzzle.

Psychological Forces
Makes popular psychological forces seem fairer and more impossible.

Sekä paljon muuta. Rekisteröitymällä saa lisää päivityksiä, extrakortteja ja bonusefektejä, Q&A-efekti, musikaalinen forseeraus-ajatustenlukujuliste ja etusivuennustus.

Huomaa, että kaikki aineisto on englanniksi.

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